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New Classes Commencement
Chen Style Taichi
Starting 15 January 2014
Blk 165 Amphitheatre, Bedok South Road
Every Wednesday
Beginner : 7:30pm to 8:30pm
Intermediate : 8:30pm to 9:30pm

Prospective new class for Chen Style Taichi
at Waterloo Centre - Queen Street Blk 264 5th Level
Every Tuesday or Thursday
Please contact Master Foo at 9827 6654 for arrangements.


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Generally many people who have heard of 'taichi' (太極) would probably tell you that it is a series of slow exercise routine meant only for the old folks. Its not true! Taichi, a form of internal chinese martial art is a self- healing system of slow flowing graceful movements.

It combines with meditation and rhythmic breathing, culturing the flow of 'chi' that will prevent illness and improve well-being. Practicing taichi reduces stress, lower blood pressure and helps to correct posture, balance, flexibility, mind alertness...

There are many forms (school of thought) of taichi. In the early 80', popular taichi styles practiced in Singapore are the Yang(杨), Wu (吴), Sun(孙), Wu(武) (martial) . Chen ( 陳式) taichiquan was introduced into Singapore in the mid 80's when Grand Master Zhu Tiancai was invited by Singapore Martial Art Association to teach the Chan style taichi in Singapore..

Chen taichiquan is the traditional taichiquan which is characterized by its graceful movement alternating between fast and slow, incorporating the silk reeling (chan si jing) movement. Every move begins from 'yi' (awareness of the internal sensations of the body) which leads the 'chi' and eventually the body movement.

Constant practice of Chen taichiquan improves one's health and mind alertness.

For those who are interested to learn Chen Taichi, do come down and join us in the practice session and find out more.

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