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符昌会师傅 简介
陈式太极拳 简介

While at very young of age, Master Foo was always very fascinated by martial art comics. Subsequently under the guidance and encouragement of his uncles, Master Foo starts learning martial arts.

Master Foo has always been diligent in practising and studying the Tai Chi arts and is highly competent in theory and application of both the Chen and Yang style Tai Chi Quan.
His approach towards teaching martial arts is systematic, simple, logical and straight forward with a strong scientific basis rather than being abstract, with a strong emphasis on health, cultivation and application usage.

1967 -Became a member of the then famous Singapore Choo Chaing Athletic Association. Study under well known Hainan Wushu Grandmaster So ThingXiong. Was imparted with Shaolin Hong Chuan, Seven Star Prying Mantis Quan , Hong Quan's Weaponry.

1969 - Appointed by Choo Chaing Athletic Association as assistant instructor with many students understudying and receiving guidance.

1976 - Studied from Grand Master Yang Chin Kuo who was then famous in the fifties for Yang style taichi. Also mastering the Yang 'Quick' Chuan, Yang taichi Sword, Yang taichi Sabre and Push-hand.

1977~1989, Studied Yang taichi under Grand Master Yang Chin Kuo. Master Foo was later assisting Grand Master Yang in teaching Yang taichi Quan at Singapore St.John Headquarter, Farrer Park and various other location.

1983, Studied Chen taichi under Grand Master Zhu Tiancai (19th generation disciple of the Chen Style taichi) Under close supervision of Grand Master Zhu, Master Foo gone through rigourous training to perfect his skill in Chen Style taichiquan,

1985, Studied under Grand Master Li TianJi in the art of Wudang sword

1987, Studied from Grandmaster Chen XiaoWang (19th generation disciple of the Chen Style taichi) . and mastered the art of 38 forms Chen taichiquan, Spear, Sabre and Push hand technique.

1988, Studied under Grandmaster Feng ZhiQiang (18th generation disciple of the Chen Style taichi) the art of 48 forms Chen taichiquan, 2nd routine Chen taichiquan (POW) quan, Push-hand technique, Qigong, Large Frame Chen taichiquan.

1989, Sudied under GrandMaster Li Chen Xiang. Mastered the art of 42 Forms Chen Style Competition taichiquan Routine, Liu He Ba Fa.

1990, Studied under GrandMaster Xiao Chang Gen the art of taichi sparring.

1991, Shanghai taichi Master Liu Gishun visited Singapore. during this time, Master Foo learn the Wuyi taichiquan and Push-hand technique.

1992, Master Foo practiced the Liu He Ba Fq under the guidance of Grandmaster Liu Gui Yao.

1993, Studied under GrandMaster Zhou Shusheng ( formal Singapore National Wushu Coach) 42 Forms taichiquan, Sword Display, Liu He Ba Fa, Ba Gua Quan, Shaolin Luo Han Quan, Two-Hands Sword, Ba Gua Sword and Yue Fei Spear.

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